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The Blanche De Chambly Belgian Beer Boppin’ Bird
By Cary Black

Here’s another recipe from Cary Black, the author of Zen and the Art of Cooking Beer-Can Chicken: The Definitive Guide.

The book is beginning to enjoy national prominance as the one stop source for all things related to cooking, brining, and injecting beer-can chicken or turkey. The book was written for those lovers of the “beer-can” approach to cooking poultry. You can use a beer can or one of the new infusion
cookers designed to simplify the process. Visit www.redowlpublications.com for your copy of the cook book and/or to purchase an infusion cooker. There nothing finer then to enjoy a nice meal with friends; especially when it involves fine beer, and the tastiest chicken possible.

In this edition of the Michigan Beer Guide, I thought I would feature a Belgian/Germanic approach to beer-can Chicken.


The beer of choice is the fine Canadian wheat brew by Unibroue, called Blanche De Chambly. The Blanche De Chambly is brewed in Chambly, Quebec. It is a fine wheat beer which very nicely captures the robust wheat flavor of your favorite weitsen and integrates it with that special unique Belgian sweetness. In the beer-can chicken cooking process, this beer imparts a strong heady essence into the chicken subtly flavoring the bird with a touch of Belgian uniqueness. The flavors merge to create a fine hearty meal combining the flavors of Belgium with those of Eastern Germany. Be sure and have extra quantities of this fine wheat beer present while cooking your poultry. It makes a great thirst quencher as you sweat over your grill.

Cary Black

Blanche De Chambly Belgian Beer Boppin’ Bird

Basic Stuff
1 3 to 6 lb. chicken
1 2-foot long kielbasa sausage
1 onion chopped
2 c. prepared sauerkraut
½ c. vegetable or extra virgin olive oil

2 Tbs. Kosher or Sea Salt
2 Tbs. pepper
1 Tbs. garlic powder
1 Tbs. ground rosemary
1 tsp. celery powder

Liquid Flavor Essence

12 to 15 oz. of Uniboue’s Blanche De Chambly wheat beer

Cooking Directions
Add 12 to 15 oz. of the Blanche De Chambly to the flavor base of the infusion cooker. (If using a beer can, fill about half-way full with the beer then place in a pie pan for support.)

Place bird on flavor tower of the infusion cooker or over the beer can. Using a basting brush, paint the critter with the olive oil and generously apply the rub.

Place the infusion cooker flavor tower on the base and roll the Kielbasa sausage around the outside edge of the flavor base. (If using a beer can, do the same within the pie pan around the base of the bird, leaving room for the next step).

Using the sauerkraut and onion, make a nest at the base of the chicken between the bird and the sausage.

In a conventional oven, cook at 350 for 1½ hours or until the drippings are clear and the leg quarters move easily in their joints. Thigh temperature should be about 180 degrees F.

If grilling, follow the indirect heating method where the bird is not sitting over the hottest part of the heat source.

Serve with mashed potatoes, a tossed green salad, dilled green beans with mushrooms and fresh dinner rolls. Drink to the health of your family and friend’s and enjoy the subtle tastes of old Europe with this simple recipe.