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Little Tori caterpillar emerges from the wrath of Hurricane Katrina and finds herself with new friend, LeBeau, a Welsh Corgi. Together LeBeau and Tori find themselves evacuated far away to another state where they meet a strong wise owl named Kendall. Kendall becomes their mentor and teacher. This is a heartwarming story about perseverance, strength, love and the forever bonds of friendships.

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French Quarter Tori and the Red Owl

In our society today, we are faced with many uncertainties. We see issues regarding the economy, job security, wars, environmental disasters, natural catastrophes, education…and much more.

The list seems to continuously grow.

This book pulls characters out of post Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. New Orleans being just a small part of an area representing about 3% of the land mass of the continental United States that suffered immeasurable destruction due to the winds and the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina. Destruction extended from Southern Louisiana, to the Mississippi Gulf coast, and even into South Central Alabama.

Katrina represents the greatest natural disaster this country has ever experienced.
It is within this setting that we decided to create an adventure for three characters that came together as a result of the storm. Three characters from different worlds that learned the bonds of friendship and as a result, what is really important in life.

The undying love that exists between forever friends…in the face of a disaster then becomes a blessing. It becomes a totem of support and a place of healing…not a geographical place…but a place in our hearts…in our minds…and in our lives. We believe that this place exists for all humans, children and adults. It is a place of love and security…a place of healing catalyzed by the essence of friendship.

As we wrote the book, many of our editors and reviewers claimed we used the term, “I love you” too much. They claimed we were teaching children to demonstrate affection too quickly towards strangers and so forth.

To that we loudly exclaim…“Balderdash!!” We believe that it is the love of one another that makes our worlds turn. We believe it is the love in one another that can bring solace to the worst of situations. We believe in the importance and the miracles that love and friendship for each other manifests.

This book and the characters within also have a deep personal meaning to us as they define our own journey and represent a personification of the experiences and adventures we have experienced since Katrina.

It is our intent to write sequels to this book. Such an endeavor gives an opportunity to teach the value of love and trust…but also gives us an opportunity to take our child readers on a geographical journey of this beautiful country in which we live.

Our children need to know the value and importance of love and friendship. It is within the context of such that most obstacles in life can be overcome through the energy and vibrancy that such sentiments and practices have to offer.

Thus, we hope to teach our children about this beautiful country in which we live…and the value of love and friendship; and how such works to take away the craziness of circumstances existing beyond our control.

We thank you for purchasing the book, and extend our best wishes that this story brightens the hearts and minds of the children experiencing it.